The Education Resource Centre (ERC), housed in a former classroom off the Dubbo Regional Museum, is a place for visitors and students alike to explore and research a wide variety of subjects. The room itself, while boasting the most up to date computer equipment, has been themed to it's former glory as a 1950s classroom. Experience a new level of access to the WPCC collections via collection management software and a new display/study area, explore digitised local newspapers via trove, and examine the photographic collection via MRL and Flickr. Come along and experience the nostalgia and gain an insight into the many avenues for learning this fantastic new centre provides.

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Programs and syllabus links:

Old School Days (HSIE Stage 1-3) (40 minutes excluding oral historian or 1 hour including oral historian).

Students relive schooling in the past in this reflective session which explores, in detail, the 1950s classroom and old school memorabilia of the ERC. Students are emmersed in the old school days as they:

    • Read a story from an old school reader and work out the moral
    • Chant the old school war cries
    • Find evidence for sporting events around the 1950s classroom
    • Recreate the school sports house banners
    • Study photographs of school sporting events
    • Find evidence for school games in the 1950s classroom
    • Write on slate boards with slate pencils
    • Play an old board game
    • Design a school magazine cover
    • Seek out treasures from old Globite school cases
    • Sketch and label the old school desks and add their own graffiti!
    • Record memories written in the visitors book
    • Compare old and new classroom items
    • Use early technologies such as rubber stamps and jelly pads

There is an optional oral historian component for this session whereby a past Dubbo High School student or teacher can come along to tell stories of their time at the school (once housed at the current WPCC site) and respond to student questions.

Old Dubbo High School Site Study (Stage 4 History) (3 hours including 40 minute lunch break).

Bring the halls of Dubbo High back to life in this intriguing glimpse into the school days of old. Students will explore the buildings and grounds, roam the classrooms, examine the graffiti, see the banners and uniforms, and maybe even hear the laughter of students gone by echoing through the halls as they listen to stories told by our Oral Historians.

Young historians will then work in the newly constructed Education Resource Centre (ERC), themed to it's former glory as a 1950s classroom. Here they will work closely with a vast variety of sources from various stages in the history of old Dubbo High School to create a comprehensive picture of what life was like at the site while learning about the nature of history, the role of the historian, and the importance of conserving our heritage.

Site Study flyer

You be the Historian (Stage 4 & 5 History) (1.5 hours)

Analysing artefacts: A study of Material Culture. Is this session students will learn to read information from objects in the manner of history curators and researchers. Students will analyse the objects by examining physical characteristics and collecting secondary information from various online resources.

Oddilogical Creative Writing (Stage 4, 5 &6 English) (1 hour)

This session is designed to harness the potential of the objects in the collection to generate imagination and meaning-making. A range of objects are selected from the WPCC collections for their peculiarity. These objects are displayed in the ERC for students to examine and utilise as inspiration for a guided creative writing session.


Let the WPCC’s knowledgeable guides take your students through any of the exhibitions held at the WPCC.

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The WPCC hosts a number of video conferences throughout the year. For up to date details, click into the Connections homepage at http://dart.det.nsw.edu.au/html/events.html. You can also contact the WPCC to arrange a private conference on an exhibition of your choice.

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